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Why Cartic?
Cartic Finance is a community driven DeFi DApp that gives its users high farming rewards and higher APYs. Its improved AMM also gives its users freedom to swap, provide liquidity and also migrate liquidity from other protocols. Cartic also aims to further the DeFi space by enabling cross chain interaction by two different networks. Cartic Finance is built on the binance smart chain given the effective scalability of the network, the ethereum network will be given access to the Cartic platform by bridging the two blockchain networks. For more information, check our whitepaper.
Apex AMM
On the Binance Smart Chain
Automated market makers are decentralized protocols that rely on simple or complex mathematical formula price assets instead of the order books used by old exchanges. The AMM prices the asset in an algorithmic method. AMMs are amazing, it made the creating of markets seamlessly easy that literally anyone can create a market by providing proper liquidity to a liquidity pool. AMMs also have limits and disadvantages to investments, the impermanence phenomenon which is the main disadvantage with AMMs has been greatly minimized by the cartic dev team by the use of specific formulas on every step of the transaction, these formulas will be fully outlined when the hypodepositry goes live on the V2. This will give our users a great deal of protection when using the cartic protocol, this new development entails proper calculations of the different entities that interact during AMM transaction, from the liquidity providers to the liquidity itself, this will make investments on non-stable coins much profitable.
Increased Rewards
For Yield farming and Staking
High returns on yields and staking rewards are inevitable with the use of the AMM protocol created on cartic finance. The higher you stake, the higher your rewards, linking this to the protocol will lead to rewards on exponential growth.
Liquidity Management
The main problem of AMMs is liquidity. How can one make sure there’s enough liquidity on each pool in different blockchains, at the same time keeping the effect of these liquidity movement minimal on a very large scale? A cross-chain bridge is a mechanism for swapping assets from their native blockchain to a token in a secondary blockchain. This of course aids flexibility of the entire ecosystem to effortlessly deal with problems of technicality when an exchange listing occurs or new use cases being implemented by the developers outside the primary function of the token. The cartic solution to this problem of liquidity is by creation of different APIs for the interoperability on different blockchains and assets. The algorithmic approach came with a variety scales of tro and fro, FIFO and POS consensus algorithm, the developers on cartic pursued the context of blockchain interoperability starting by creating different pools and asset configuration which will give the cartic AMM protocol the adequate variable to interact with different pools on a decentralized level.